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F - Ferry Crossing
GA - Gap
GU - Guts
H - Hollow

I - Island
L - Lost Towns
R-Railroad Station
S - Summit
T - Towns

Place Name Code Township Est. Post Offices T/R/S Latitude Longitude Comments
Aalberg L Rockford T54R21S28 on the Burlington & Northern railroad, south of Highway A
Alderton L Sugar Tree 1843 T51R23S16 a proposed city in the northwest quarter of Setion 16; plat was filed February 3, 1843, by J. t. Kelly and Paul Alder, who were the promoters of the enterprise

no permanent improvements were made on this site, which was subsequently washed into the Missouri River, the original town site having been only 201 rods [3115 feet] from the river bank

Ameryville L 1879-1883 "lost city"; no longer exists
Asper L Stokes Mound 1880-1903 T55R23S04 39.6055 -93.4777 on the north line of the county, in the northeast quart of Section 4

at one time consisted of a general store, a blacksmith shop, and a post office

the post office was dissipated and the town was abandoned

there was an Asper in Section 17, of Fairview Township, in Livingston County also

Ault L 1885-1892 "lost city"; no longer exists
Baileyville L Fairfield 1856 T54R25S21 Located 18 miles northwest of Carrollton

July 10, 1856, Bailey Elder platted the town

Composed of six blocks of six lots each, the lots to be 66 by 90 feet. There never were any improvements made upon this location, with the exception of a few houses

Baker's Landing
Battsville L Hurricane (southeast part) 1872-1873, 1877-1888 abandoned when the Chicago, Burlington, & Kansas City railroad was built
Baum's Mill L Combs 1859 1857-1868, 1880 T52R22S15 located on Big Creek

for a number of years was the only mill around and did a thriving business.

On July 25, 1859, Joseph Smith made a survey and plat of the town of "Millford" for Absolum Taggart, who owned land in the southeast quarter of S15. The town of MIllford was located near the northwest corner of the section, consisting of 17 lots. Only a few of these lots were ever sold and with the exception of the mill and one store, no other improvements were ever made. The town site has been abandoned.

Beatrice L 1885-1888
Bingham L Trotter 1894-1901 T53R24S08 39.4169 -93.6210 A post office was established but was later abandoned after the establishment of rural free delivery
Blandeaus [see Trading Post of Blandeau and Choteau]
Bloomfield L Eugene 1818 T52R22S07 During 1818, the town was laid out in the forks of Wakenda Cree, on the southwest quarter of S7. The town was never established. A store was kept there at one time by Lewis N. Russ. The town was abandoned because many people developed chills and fevers, such as ague and malaria type diseases.
Bogard T Van Horn 1884 1884-present T54R23

SE1/4 of SW1/4 S30
NW1/4 of NW1/4 S31
W1/2 of NW1/4, SE1/4 S3
W1/2 of NW1/4 S31

39.4575 -93.5235 west on Hwy A, west of Hwy 65

elevation 860 feet

August 4, 1884, on petition of H. C. Brasher, the village of Bogard was incorporated

the town is located almost in the center of the county. It had one newspaper, a bank, and various businesses

Bogard R
Bogard Mound L Leslie 1872-1884 T54R24S25
Bogard's Mound S 39.47 -93.54 Bogard area
Boone's Lick L now Franklin
Bosworth Ridge 1890 1888-present T54R21S26

[?T54R22S23 & 26]

39.4697 -93.3346 at the junction of M & 139

elevation 729 feet

population (1899) was about 600

12 miles northeast of Carrollton

August 5, 1890, on petition of J. D. Rose and 60+ other men, the town of Bosworth was incorported

Laid out and first settled in 1888. It had a public school, Baptist and Methodist Episcopal Churches, a bank, flour mill, saw mill, and handle factory, a newspaper "The Sentinel" and about 30 other businesses, large and small.

Bowdry L Carrollton 1899-1905 T52R23S30&31&32 39.2822 -93.5113 in the southwest section of the county, 6 miles south of Carrollton, on Hwy 65/24, north of the Missouri River
Bower City L 1871-1872
Bradley L 1885-1888
Bridge Creek L Hurricane 1870-1884 39.5722 -93.3846 located midway between Hale and Tina, 21 miles northeast of Carrollton

one of the first post offices established in Hurricane Township

consisted of a post office, dry goods store, drug store, blacksmith shop, one church, and seven residences

abandoned when railroad built the Bridge Creek Station about a half mile north of the town

Buckskin Tavern L Leslie T54R24S07 located near the center of the north half of S7 about one mile northwest of Mandeville. The old tavern was a famous stopping place on the main road from DeWitt to Far West

It was operated by James Morris, one of the earliest settlers

Bunch Hollow H 39.60 -93.62 Coloma area
Calvin L 1899-1902 in the southeast section of the county, south of Wakenda near the Missouri River
Carroll City L Wakenda 1857 T52R23S26, SW1/4

plat filed September 7,1857, by William Hill

plat consisted of 36 full and 20 fractional blocks, with the center block reserved as a public square

nothing was ever established

almost the entire quarter section is in the river

Carrollton T Carrollton 1833 1834-present county seat of Carroll County
Carrollton R
Carrollton Junction R Santa Fe Railroad
Chase L 1880-1885
Choteau [see Trading Post of Blandeau and Choteau]
Clione L Hurricane 1882 1881-1884 T55R22

SW1/4 S01

NW1/4 S12

platted on November 1, 1882, by James Kennedy and William Wiley Deardoff. It consisted of eight blocks, each block being two hundred feet north and south, with a sixty foot street

the short existance of the town is attributed to the establishment of Hale, which was located on the railroad

Coloma Stokes Mound 1858 1861-1907 T55R23

E1/2 of SW1/4 S31

39.5314 -93.5232 more info

Compton Ferry F
Consolation L 1856-1858
Cotter L Van Horn T54R23 (S4, 5, 8, 9) on Burlington & Northern Railroad west of 65
Cross Roads [see Roads]
DeWitt T DeWitt 1837 1842-present T53R21S24 39.3844 -93.2210 more info
Dirt Slough GU 39.25 -93.60 Carrollton West area
Edmonston Ferry F Edmonston & Edwards Ferry may be one and the same?
Edward's Ferry F Edmonston & Edwards Ferry may be one and the same?
Elderton Sugar Tree
Eppler's Landing [see DeWitt]
Eugene City L Eugene 1869-1876 former name of Wakenda

on the St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railroad

Located 7 miles east of Carrollton

Fisher L Hill 1896-1904 39.5608 -93.6071 post office & store, near Coloma

The abndonment of the post office is attributed to free mail delivery and then later the store was closed

Franklin formerly Boone's Lick
Frock's Ferry F
Grace L Stokes Mound 1893-1902 T55R23

Sec 1, 2, 11, 12

39.6008 -93.4404 located on J Hwy east of 65 in the northeast corner of Stokes Mound Twp

Consisted of a store, post office, school, and churh

town was never platted

Hale T Hurricane 1884-present T56R22

Secs 2,3,10,11

39.6036 -93.3424 located at the junction of 39 & J near the Livingston County Line

named in honor of Congressman John B. Hale of Carrollton

Located by the Town Lot Company of the Chicago, Burlington, & Kansas City or Burlington & Southwestern Railroad Company when the road was built into Carroll County

The plat, made by C. E. Perkins on November 20, 1883, included 13 full and fractional blocks lying north of the railroad.

Incorporated on March 4,1884, on petition of 50+ citizens

James B. Hooper and 4 others were appointed trustees.

In 1910, Hale had 3 banks, many churches, and many mercantile stores

Hale R
Hardwick's Mill
Hill's Landing L 1857-1861 warehouse on the Missouri river 7 miles southeast of Carrollton

the town of Reedsburg was located here

Hurricane Ridge 1869-1873 T59R22S35 Located south of Bosworth
Ipsara L 1834-1835
Jake View L
Jamaica Bend L
Judd 1898-1901 39.4230 -93.7399 on Turkey Creek near the Ray County line
Latoh L Stokes Mound 1886-1903 T55R23

SW1/4 S06

39.5975 -93.6366 post office & store, near Plymouth; both have been discontinued
Leta Combs 1898-1905 T53R22S26 39.3705 -93.3285 after post office was discontinued, patrons were served by the rural routes out of Carrollton, Wakends, and DeWitt. A store was still maintained at the old location on the southeast corner of Sec 26
Lima 1873-1890
Little Compton L Hurricane 1869 1850-1860, 1862-1864, 1867-1903 T55R21S20 39.5683 -93.2860 more info
Long Tater Hill S 39.54 -93.54 Coloma area
Low Gap GA 39.55 -93.70 Plymouth area
Low Gap Plymouth H 39.59 -93.68 Plymouth area
Mandeville Leslie 1854-1903 T54R24S07 [8 & 17?] 39.4964 -93.6210 located on T north of A

mail via Bogard

Never been platted organized as a town

In 1854, John W. Smith and Robert Traughber petitioned for a post office iwth Mr. Smith as postmaster. Some believe the name was named in honor of Amanda Shirley, of Tennessee, or attributed to a ludicrous incident which happened in that area about the time the post office was established.

Manlius L Miami 1841-1845, 1853-1861 former name of Pleasant Park
Miami Station L Miami 1869 1869-1951 T52R21

NE1/4 of SW1/4 of S4

named because it was the railroad station for the town of Miami

located on V Hwy and the Norfolk & Western Railroad

platted June 1, 1869, by William Z. Darr, when the Wabash Railroad was built in 1868 and 1869.

Incorporated September 9, 1877. the first trustees were L. H. Shipp, C. R. Underwood, B. H. Poe, George Walden and S. P. Squires.

Miles Point L Cherry Valley 1855 1858-1903 T51R25S16 39.2311 -93.6993 Located near the center of Section 16 within 600 yards of the Missouri river, four miles south of Norborne, east of the south end of FF Hwy.

The plat dated January 1, 1855, by Jonathan Miles, included 16 blocks of eight lots each, the blocks being 200 feet square, with a block reserved as a public square.

Consisted of a post office and trading post

also known as "Shangai", possibly because of the importation, at one time, of a large consignment of chickens of that breed

Millford L Comb's Twp 1859 T53R22

NW1/4 S15

39.4069 -93.3690 also known as Baum's Mill

located on Big Creek

for a number of years was the only mill around and did a thriving business.

On July 25, 1859, Joseph Smith made a survey and plat of the town of "Millford" for Absolum Taggart, who owned land in the southeast quarter of S15. Consisted of 17 lots. Only a few of these lots were ever sold.

With the exception of a flouring and saw mill and one store, no other improvements were ever made. The town site has been abandoned.

Missouriton L 1820-1821
Moberly's Landing F on Missouri River 10 miles southeast of Carrollton
Moscow L Sugar Tree T51R23

SE1/4 S7

Built and named for Russia's capital

No known improvements or plat exists

Mound L 1842-1848, 1857-1858
Mound Bogard S [see Bogard Mound (Summit)
New Winchester L Egypt 1860-1862 T52R25

may have been in S5, 6 or 7

Consisted of one building, a post office, and one store.

William Quarlies and Mack Jacobs had a general store and Jim Lakey ran a blacksmith shop

Newport L 1858-1859
Nimrod L Egypt Located within a 1/4 mile of the est line of the county, on the Wabash and Santa Fe Railroad.

No stores were located there. Consisted only of block signal station, with an elevator, and stock pens. It furnished shipping facilities, being located near a wide range of farm lands.

Nimrod R Egypt Wabash & Santa Fe Railroad
Norborne Egypt 1868 1869-present T52R25S23 39.3025 -93.6774 more info
North Bosworth L Ridge 1888 T54R22S23 February 21, 1888, a company composed of J. T. Brown and others platted North Bosworth in the southeast quarter of Section 23, and adjoining the town of Bosworth on the north.

Some permanent and valuable improvements were made in North Bosworth, but the influence of the Santa Fe Town and Company, and the large number of lots which they had for sale closer to the railroad station proved to be more than this company could contend with and as a business location the town of North Bosworth was finally abandoned and is now recognized as a residence district of Bosworth.

Ohio L Cherry Valley 1837 T51R25

NE1/4 of S20

one of the first cities projected in Carroll County.

Platted by Benjamin Foster, May 22, 1837

All of this land is now in the Missouri River

Palemon L Moss Creek 39.3180 -93.6104 Station with stock pens and an elevator on both the Wabash & Santa Fe Railroads. It was a good shipping point. It had a car depot and a school

There was no post office and no stores.

Palemon Station R Moss Creek Wabash & Santa Fe Railroad station
Parker's Grove L
Pattieville L
Pleasant Park Miami 1835-1882 also known as Manlius

post office 3 miles north of Miami Station

Plymouth Washington 1881 1877-1908 T55R25

SW1/4 Sec3

and Sec 4, 9, 10

39.5966 -93.7018 Located at the Junction of N & D

Mail via Braymer

one of oldest trading points in Washington Township.

Platted on August 2, 1881, by James Fash. Consisted of three blocks, which were divided into 23 lots of various sizes and dimensions.

Quote L Washington 1892-1919 T55R25

S26,27,34, 35

39.5391 -93.6832 Located on C east of D

It had a little country store and trading point

It was never platted or incorporated

Rabbit Island I 39.22 -93.52 Waverly area
Reedsburg L Wakenda Located at Hill's Landing

Among the early towns in the county

James and David Reed, in whose honor the town was named, promoted the town.

Some improvements were made and a store was built but nothing more. It was soon abandoned

Ridge 1869-1879 Post office located 15 miles northeast of Carrollton
Riverside L Eugene 1895-1899 T51R22

SW1/4 S04

post office and store

both were discontinued

Roads Fairfield 1883-1907 T54R25

at the corner of Sec 21, 22, 27 & 28

39.4666 -93.7013 Located 12 miles north of Norborne at the junction of A & D

Mail via Norborne

Consisted of two general stores, a blacksmith shop, a school, and a number of houses.

Round Grove L Moss Creek 1840-1843, 1848-1854, 1856 first post office of Moss Creek Township; A. C. Blackwell was the postmaster
Round Tater Hill S 39.54 -93.53 Coloma area
Rhoads [see Roads]
San Francisco L Van Horn 1858-1861 T54R23S07 Plat was filed April 20, 1858

The street and alleys were dedicatd to public use by Jojn Dorsey, who owned the town site. The city contained 9 blocks of 8 lots each.

Curskey & Darcey had a grocery store and Jacob Hoover had a blacksmith shop.

The proximity to Coloma may have been the reason, the town ceased to grow. The lots were turned again into farm property.

Shangai L [see Miles Point]
Shield's Hill S 39.34 -93.42 Carrollton East area
Shootman L 1870-1888 small trading point 9 miles northeast of Carrollton
South Branch L 1863-1864
South Carrollton L Wakenda 1868 NE1/4 of NE1/4 Sec 8 and part of SE1/4 of SE1/4 of Sec 5 39.3411 -93.4954 When the North Missouri Railroad was located in 1868, Hiram and Jackson Wilcoxon platted the town. Was a shipping point of the county seat and located a mile from the town.

Located north of the railroad

Thrived for a few years, having at least one store, in addition to the elvators.

On January 3, 1870, the town was incorporated. Asa Mayfield and four others were appointed trustees.

August 3, 1903, J. P. Huffman and other citizens presented to the county court their petition praying for the disincorporation of the town because of the failure of the qualified voters of said town to elect village trustees, and that said electors have failed for more than ten years to maintain a municipal government. Upon this petition the town was disincorporated and dissolved.

Standish L Carrollton 1888-1955 39.3844 -93.4293 Santa Fe Railroad station, never platted or incorporated
Standish R Carrollton T53R23S24 Located 4 miles east of Carrollton on the Santa Fe Railroad on CC east of 65

Was never incorporated and never platted.

Consisted of a store, blacksmith shop, elevator, stock pens, a station house, and several houses.

Stet T Washington 1890-1973 Ray County T53R26

Sec 1 & 12,

Carroll County T53R25

Sec 6 & 7

39.4230 -93.7588 Located on the Ray-Carroll County line at the Junction of JJ & K

Stet, meaning "let it stand" was named by Ed Manus, a Stet storekeeper.

Stokes Mound T 1869-1887 Post office located 17 miles north of Carrollton
Stokes Mound S 39.59 -93.48 Tina area
Stucker L 1891-1895
Sugartree L Moss Creek 1884-1905 T52R24S33 39.2719 -93.5977 Trading point located in the center of Sec 33 north of the Missouri River

It was never platted or incorporated.

It drew a good trade and consisted of 2 stores, 2 blacksmith shops, school, and a church

Tagert's Mill L 1858-1861
Tater Hill (Long) S [see Long Tater Hill]
Tater Hill (Round) [see Round Tater Hill']
Timmon's Addition L
Tina T Stokes Mound 1892 1884-present T55R23S35&36 39.5361 -93.4402 Located on the Chicago, Burlington & Kansas City Railroad midway between Carrollton and the county line on WW east of 65

The town was platted by C. E. Perkins.

Incorporated on December 7, 1892.

Names in honor of Tina, a daughter of E. M. Gilchrist, the engineer who located the road

Tina R Chicago, Burlington & Kansas City Railroad
Townsend Ferry F trading post of Blandeau and Choteau
Trading Post of Blandeau and Choteau L
Turner L 1884-1887
Tweedieville L 1881-1884
Van Horn L 1869-1887 Post office 10 miles north of Carrollton
W B Junction L 39.3350 -93.5302
Waconda Creek L 1833-1835
Wakenda T Eugene 1869 1876-2002 T52R22S16 39.3141 -93.3771 first known as Eugene City

Located on B south of 24

Wakenda, meaning in Indian language "God's River" on account of abundance of game & fish

Platted June 18, 1869, by Barton Bates, president of the North Missouri Railroad Company, and Daniel Cary, the owner of the land on which the town is platted

Wakenda Station R near Eugene City
White Rock T Miami T52R21S08 39.3344 -93.2846 Located 12 miles east of Carrollton on O and the Norfolk & Western Railroad

It was named because of the immense quarries of white rock, sought for by builders in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Joseph, Kansas City and other places.

Never incorporated or platted

For a time, the stores prospered, but in later years the town lost prestige as a trading post and only the workmen at the quarries lived in the neighborhood

Winsor City L [see DeWitt]
Yellow Rock L

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