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Names Listed in the 1915 High School Yearbook
Carrollton, Missouri


Geo. D. Dieterich, Superintendent


Eugene Briggs, B. S., Principal and Science
Kathryn Hankins, A.B., B.S., English
Mary Gentry Briggs, History, English and Music
Edna Harrison, A. B., Latin and German
Helen Spencer, B. S., History
Goldena Farnsworth, B. S., Physics and Mathematics
Ina Northcutt, A. B. B.S.  Teacher Training
Frances Hess, Commercial Department and Librarian
Lillian Gorman
Howard Standley
Laura Lane
Jonnie Kimbrough
Naomi Walker
Harry Parkins
Vernona Parkins
Ernie Magee
Julia Tillery
Eugene Grant
Stella Shirley
Russell Williams
Lucy Jean Scovern
George Ewell
Mary Ellen Calvert
Florence Phillips
Adaline Morris
Lawrence Heins
Ruth Crouch
Hesse Heins
Mary Frances Cochran
William Roller
Marie Cox
Dale Nuss
Helen Grider
Arthur Smith
Evelyn Cary
Helen Black
Orpah Nuss
Lawrence Lanigan
Eugenia Quisenberry
Chas. Dickson
Dora Monte Kendrick
Herald McClain
Dorothy Standley
Paul Rea
Isabelle Cook
Cecil Calvert
Clifton Rogers
Hylton Johnston
Earl Evans
Emma Adkins
Lillian Johnston
Cecil Burgoon
Gladys Smith
Naomi Tomlin
Nina Magee
Pauline Earp
George Scovern
Earl Cheeseman
Grace Lee
Una Smithpeter
Arbuta Clark
Olivene Hood
Kathryn Carroll
Alice Umpferman
Elizabeth Standley
Oscar Smith
Louis Dell
Marie Winfrey
Alta Elligott
Vivian Hanna
Alcy Crank
Sophomore and Freshman Classes do not list students individually.  Only a group photo with no names is shown.

Athletic Association Photos

William Roller - Captain Football
E. S. Briggs, Coach
Harold Wood, Manager Football
Harry Parkins, Captain, Tennis
Marie Cox, Captain Girls' Basket Ball
L. J. Scovern, Captain, Girls' Tennis

Athletic Association Officers

Dale Nuss, President
William Roller, Vice President
Harry Parkins, Secretary
Kathryn Hankins, Treasurer
Athletic Association Athletic Council
Dale Nuss
Glen Minis
Arthur Smith
Goldenia Farnsworth
E. S. Briggs
Board of Education
Dr. E. H. Briscoe
Bedford Hudson
E. E. Farnham
W. H. Hutchison
A. G. Rohmoeller
L. G. Clark
Source:  1915 Nautilus Yearbook from Carrollton, Missouri High School

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