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Six Motorists Killed by Train

Chicago Tribune (IL) - August 16, 1913


Flier Traveling Sixty Miles an Hour Hits Car Near Carrollton, Mo.


Grade Crossing Where Accident Took Place Gives Clear View of Tracks.

Carrollton, Mo., Aug. 15. -- Six passengers in an automobile were killed when an Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe passenger train struck the machine at a crossing a mile east of here.

The dead. FORBES, Mr. and Mrs. Carl, Sacramento, Cal, WARNER, Mrs. Mabel, Brookfield, Mo., ROBERTS, Mr. and Mrs. William, Brookfield, Mo., VANDEVENTER, H. S., Brookfield, Mo.

Vandeventer was the owner and driver of the car. The party was on a pleasure tour from here to Brunswick, Mo.

Running Sixty Miles an Hour.

The cause of the accident is a mystery. The train that struck the car was a fast mail and was going about sixty miles an an hour, it is said. Persons first to reach the scene said Mr. Vandeventer either had become confused or else some mechanism about the car had broken, leaving it stalled on the track.

Trains approaching the crossing where the smashup took place can be seen for many rods in either direction by vehicles approaching on the highway.


Chicago Tribune (IL)

Date: August 16, 1913

Edition: Chicago Tribune

Record Number: 19130816ob003

Copyright 1913, Chicago Tribune. For permission to reprint, contact Chicago Tribune.

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