Family Group Sheets

These Family Groups Sheets include families who lived in, or passed through, Carroll County, Missouri

Family Group Sheet For: Submitted By:
ANDERSON, Matthew Susan Frisbey
AUSTIN, John Alexander Sharon Durham
AUSTIN, William Alvin Sharon Durham
BOLEY, Samuel Franklin Frank Bouley
BROWN, William W. Stephanie Kelly
CATON, Hugh McDermid Nancy Thompson
COLTER, William Henry Pat Ruiz
CRUMPACKER, Richard Sharon Durham
DEASON, Joel Lori Johnson
HARRIS, Allen Edith Lemmons Marrero
HARRIS, William Benjamin Edith Lemmons Marrero
HILL, Richard W. Edith Lemmons Marrero
MAACK, Fred Henry Fred Woods
MCDOWELL, John Frank Bouley
MORRIS, James Lois Branch
ROGERS, John Franklin Sandra Johnson
RUCKER, Ephraim Isaac Sally Tomson
THOMAS, William H. Sharon Durham
WEITZEL, William H. Brenda Buck

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