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Antioch Church of Christ Roads pre-1890
Assembly of God Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1931
Austin Chapel Methodist Episcopal Trotter Twp 1860's
Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Fairfield Twp 1860
Bethlehem Baptist Church Standish 1857
Bethlehem Christian Church Miami Station
Big Creek Baptist Church Bosworth 1844
Big Creek Methodist Episcopal South Church Van Horn Twp 1851 Section 2
Bogard Church of Christ Bogard 1949
Bogard Methodist Episcopal Church Bogard 1884
Bosworth Baptist Church Bosworth 1888
Bosworth Methodist Episcopal Church Bosworth 1870s
Bower's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church Plymouth 1869 merged with Plymouth M.E. Church in 1873
Bridge Creek Methodist Episcopal Church 1875 became Tina M.E. Church - Hurricane Twp
Carrollton African Methodist Episcopal Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1870s
Carrollton Church of Christ Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1911
Central Christian Church Bosworth 1901
Chapel Hill Church
Christian Church Miami Station 1890
Christian Science Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1914
Church of God Rockford Twp 1873 Section 8
Church of God in Christ Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1955
Collier's Chapel Methodist Church Sugar Tree Twp 1911
Coloma Baptist Church Coloma 1867 [?1876] Historic Afghan
Coloma Church of Christ Coloma 1894
Coloma Presbyterian Church Coloma 1870
Compton Methodist Episcopal Church Compton Twp 1861
Cooper's Chapel Church of Christ Trotter Twp 1898 burned in 1918
DeWitt Baptist Church DeWitt DeWitt Twp 1846
DeWitt Christian Church DeWitt DeWitt Twp 1869
DeWitt Methodist Episcopal South Church DeWitt DeWitt Twp 1875
Ebenezer Methodist Church Leslie Twp 1865
Elizabeth Methodist Church Elizabeth 1877
Emmanuel Lutheran Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1870s
Enon Baptist Church Hill Twp 1881 USGS GNIS incorrectly indicated it was the "Enoch Church"; should be "Enon"
First Baptist Church Bogard 1867 began as The Mount Zion Church
First Baptist Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp August 8, 1839 church website
First Christian Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1845 church website
First Christian Church Hale 1898
First Church of the Nazarene Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1958 First Methodist Episcopal Church Carrollton
First Presbyterian Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1866
First United Methodist Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1840 began as Methodist Episcopal South
First United Methodist Church DeWitt DeWitt Twp 1875
Free Gospel Assembly of God Bosworth 1951
Gibbs Chapel Methodist Church Hill Twp 1893 10 miles due west of Hale
Gilead Missionary Baptist Church 1867 began as Moss Creek Church - Carrollton Twp
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church 1880's five miles west of Hale
Hale Baptist Church Hale 1884
Hale Church of Christ Hale 1884
Hale Methodist Episcopal Church Hale . 1861 . .
Hazel Dell Latter Day Saints Washington Twp 1873
Hurricane Baptist Church Compton Twp 1868
Immanuel Lutheran Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1870's
Liberty Methodist Church 1879 6 miles northeast of Carrollton
Little Flock Regular Baptist Church Leslie Twp 1845
Little Ridge Baptist Church
Low Gap Baptist Church Plymouth . 1876 . .

Mandeville Christian Church Mandeville 1846
Mandeville Church of Christ Mandeville 1844
Mandeville Methodist Church Mandeville Leslie Twp 1950 this is the date on the cornerstone of the newer church
Mandeville Methodist Episcopal Church Mandeville 1868
McBee Chapel United Methodist Church Braymer pre-1888
McCroskie Creek Baptist Church Trotter Twp 1855 commonly known as Beaty Church; cemetery located west of the church
McGill's Creek Missionary Baptist Church Trotter Twp 1871 Section 26
Memorial Methodist Church (South) Carrollton Carrollton Twp
Methodist Episcopal Church Trotter Twp 1870
Moss Creek Methodist Episcopal South Church Moss Creek Twp 1853
Moss Creek Missionary Baptist Church 1967 became Gilead Missionary Baptist and moved to Carrollton Twp
Mount Carmel Christian Church Roads 1880s
Mount Carmel Methodist Episcopal Church Combs Twp 1880
Mount Olive Baptist Church Roads 1860s
Mount Olive Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal Church 1860's
Mount Olivet Methodist Episcopal South Church Prairie Twp 1878 Mt. Olivet Cemetery - Burying Grounds of 2 acres - Prairie Twp Section 6
Mount Tabor United Brethren Church Plymouth 1872-1954
Mount Zion Baptist Church Carrollton Twp 1863
Neal Chapel Sugar Tree Twp
New Salem Baptist Church 1894 burned down about 1998, northwest of Coloma
Norborne African Methodist Episcopal Church Norborne 1915
Norborne Baptist Church Norborne 1870
Norborne Christian Church Norborne 1871
Norborne Methodist Episcopal South Church Norborne 1869
Norborne Missionary Baptist Church Norborne 1870
North Miami Baptist Church 1894
Oakland Christian Church Tina 1874
Open Bible Christian Church 1961 moved to Carroll County in 1963
Pleasant Hill Christian Church Standish 1879
Pleasant Hope Methodist Episcopal Church Trotter Twp 1865
Pleasant Park Methodist Episcopal Church Miami Station 1837
Plymouth Methodist Episcopal Church Plymouth 1865 merged with Bower's Chapel M.E. Church in 1873
Providence Church Norborne 1868
River View Church 1901
Rock Branch Southern Methodist Church Rock Branch pre-1898 to 1927 Officially St. Mary's Chapel S.M. Church
Rock Hill Church of Christ Trotter Twp pre 1890
Rockford Church of Christ Bosworth
Rush Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church Coloma 1858
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Norborne 1878
Second Baptist Church DeWitt abt 1868
Shady Grove Presbyterian Church Shady Grove merged with Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian in 1933
Snow Branch Dunkard Church Ridge Twp 1871 Section 36
Southside Baptist Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1953 church website
St. Mary's Catholic Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1868
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Carrollton Carrollton Twp 1872
Taylor's Chapel Church of Christ Trotter Twp 1885
Thompson Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church 1845 began as Moss Creek Methodist Episcopal Church - Moss Creek Twp
Tina Baptist Church Tina 1903
Tina Christian Church Tina 1887
Tina Methodist Episcopal Church Tina originally the Bridge Creek Methodist Episcopal Church
Tina Presbyterian Church 1888 Historic Afghan
Trinity Lutheran Church Norborne 1869
Trotter Baptist Church Trotter 1871
Union Baptist Church Roads 1867
Union United Brethren Fairfield Twp 1867
United Church of Tina Tina 1961 merger of the Methodist and Christian Churches
Utica Baptist Church
Van Horn Methodist Episcopal Church Standish 1884
Virginia Street Baptist Church 1863
Wakenda Church of Christ 1916
Wakenda Missionary Baptist Church Carrollton Twp 1844 eastern twp
Walnut Grove Baptist Church 1868
Welch Calvinistic Methodist Church Washington Twp 1872 Section 3
Welch Congregational Church Washington Twp 1880 Section 17, NE Corner
Willis Church (Chapel) Willis Chapel Cemetery; 39.3561, -93.4294
Woolsey's Grove Baptist Church Bowdry 1872

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