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St. Thomas Cemetery

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Name of Cemetery St. Thomas Cemetery
Township unknown
Cemetery # #
Alternate Names xxx Cemetery
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: xxxx; Longitude: xxx
Township/Range/Section T/R/S
Cemetery Still in Use Yes/No
Size of Cemetery xxx
Condition xxx
Range of Burial Dates
Oldest Known Stone: xxxx
Last Known Burial xxx
Visited yet? CC - yes/no................ JZ - yes/no...........anyone else - yes/no
Most recent directions xxxx
original webpage


DAR Index:


LS info xxx
Other Comments death record of Geo. Haney; died May 6, 1885

original document of Geo. Haney;; St. Thomas Graveyard

index card of Geo. Haney;


death record of H. M. Lightfoot; died October 9, 1883

original document of H. M. Lightfoot;; St. Thomas Cemetery

index card of H. M. Lightfoot;


death record of Isaac Richardson; died January 8, 1885; [State Archives]; St. Thomas Graveyard [only s/b Thomas]

original document of Isaac Richardson;; Thomas Graveyard

index card of Isaac Richardson;; Thomas Graveyard


death record of Isaac Sturgeon; died July 1883

original document of Isaac Sturgeon;

index card of Isaac Sturgeon;; St. Thomas Cemetery

Plat Maps year marked? who's land?
T/R/S Original Land Grants
1877 yes/no


1914 yes/no
1930 yes/no
1959 yes/no
1970 yes/no


1997 yes/no
2005 yes/no
Transcriptions online:
Carroll County Archives
Other Online Link
Compilations xxxx
Library References
Genealogical Library - Ray County Museum
Ray County Library - Richmond
Mid-Continent Library
Family History Library (FHL)
Lookups xxxx

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