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When Flanders Callaway and his wife Sooky, came to visit Ambrose's family from Howard County, and to look for a location for a home, one Sunday the two brothers and their wives went out to look at the country. They were riding horseback, as that was a day before even buggies were in use. After riding for several miles, in returning home just a few rods from Ambrose's residence, Aunt Sooky drew rein and called their attention to an oak tree, which stood some distance from the rest of the timber, marveled at its beauty and symmetry, and turning to her brother-in-law, also her own cousin, said "I may never find a home in Carroll County which I like, but if I should die in Carroll County, Ambrose promise me you will bury me under that tree." The incident was closed. They went on home to dinner. Flanders moved his family to Carroll in a short time, and in a few years Mrs. Callaway's call came, and her request was remembered, and hers was the first grave at the graveyard where now many hundred human bodies are moldering away. The second person buried was Old Aunt Em, a faithful colored servant, born and lived in the family. Here you will find part of four generations of Callaways, who have contributed their quota to life and have passed on, but their works live after them. Smoot, Milly L, The Callaway Family, Jansen, NE 1930

-1841 land patented by Ambrose Callaway where the Hurricane Church and Cemetery now stands. When the estate of Ambrose was settled in 1864 the land was sold on the courthouse steps to pay debts of the estate. It was purchased by son in law Bradavus C Woods, he lost it for taxes in 1867 and it was again sold on the courthouse steps. William P Dulaney, whose wife was Celia Ann Callaway, purchased it. In 1868 Bradavus C Woods again sold the land [don't know how he got it back] to Thomas Roberson or Robinson who in 1890 sold it to the Baptist Church with the stipulation in the deed that persons of any denomination could be buried in the Callaway Graveyard, now known as Hurricane Cemetery.

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Name of Cemetery Hurricane Baptist Church Cemetery
Township A4 Hurricane Twp
Cemetery # #
Alternate Names xxx Cemetery
Latitude/Longitude Latitude: 39.5585; Longitude: -93.3081
Township/Range/Section T55R21S19
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Size of Cemetery xxx
Condition xxx
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Last Known Burial xxx
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